Wednesday Waterfowl of the Week–The Wiley Black-Crowned Night Heron

Photo Courtesy of Alain Carpentier

These guys really are wiley. They hunt for fish (“fish for fish” is too redundant and not an accurate description) in the early morning hours before dawn. I see them in my neighborhood, lining up along the ponds, waiting and watching for the opportunity to snag an early breakfast. I saw one up close at an Arizona Game and Fish display over the weekend. They present a strange visage: red eyes with inner eyelids that blink vertically, long, dangerous, pointed beaks, and an inscrutable expression that, when combined with their shrugged-shoulder posture, looks rather sinister.

They’re not endangered and can be found near water all over the world. The one pictured looks like he’s got a beakful–holding a fish that weighs almost as much as he does (a little less than two pounds).

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