Wednesday Waterfowl of the Week–The Wiley Puffin

Photo courtesy of Henrik Thorburn


I once read somewhere that a puffin looks like your slightly inebriated uncle who has shown up in a tuxedo, ready to go, but a little off. These are not the majestic raptors that glide silently across the heavens. Rather, they are cute, comical, and aptly named. They  are also excellent swimmers. The proper, scientific term for their young is “pufflings!” Try working that into a conversation.

I have never seen a puffin in the wild, and you may mock me, but they are on my bucket list. 2013 has been declared The Year of the Puffin, and in my book, it’s long overdue. –R

About Scott

The founding member of Terra Cotta Music, Scott is a guitarist, composer, educator, writer, and avid hiker. His love for the outdoors, especially the beautiful trails of Sedona, Arizona has been a great source of creative inspiration. He believes that a close connection to nature brings comfort to our souls and spirits, and tries to capture and reflect that in his music and in this blog. You can email him at
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