Nature Nurtures What??

When I say that Nature Nurtures Naturally, I am reminding you of our roots. We are a product of this world. We’re made of the same stuff, and we are connected to it in ways that have yet to be fully explained but are evident through experience.

I don’t have the answers to this mystery, but I know this, contact with the outdoors is good for my soul. I’m not alone. Our parks are full of people who know this, often without realizing it.  If every one of us went outdoors and interacted with nature on a regular basis, we would be better off mentally and physically.

This blog is not about hippy tree hugging! I don’t believe that for every drop of rain that falls, a flower grows. It’s about a commitment to the idea that we need our natural world, and that by forging that connection, we find inner comfort, peace, creativity, and clear thinking. It’s my hope that my feeble words, my music, and my life will point the way to this one concept. Become an eco-tourist in your back yard. It costs so little and pays so much.

About Scott

The founding member of Terra Cotta Music, Scott is a guitarist, composer, educator, writer, and avid hiker. His love for the outdoors, especially the beautiful trails of Sedona, Arizona has been a great source of creative inspiration. He believes that a close connection to nature brings comfort to our souls and spirits, and tries to capture and reflect that in his music and in this blog. You can email him at
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