New Feature: Good News on Tuesday

It’s high time to start posting links to articles about our state and national parks that       are encouraging. I hope you click on one or two of them and get a boost from nature.     Thanks for tuning in. img_3448


Lake Havasu and other state parks in Arizona are studying and assisting Monarch Butterflies in their migrations:                   

A great story about nature trails in Massachusetts for the blind and handicapped. Part of it is about a blind birder who identifies birds by their calls.

Oregon State Parks are open to the public for free on Black Friday:

Eight national parks to get you off the beaten track (hint: they’re in California, Minnesota, South Carolina, Washington State, Florida and Utah):

Kentucky State Parks offers a Thanksgiving Day Buffet every year:

The International Dark Sky Association names Stephen C. Foster State Park in Georgia one of the best stargazing parks in the world:

Let me know if there are any bad links. You can email me at

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