Pie is for Piper

Young children are attracted to music like steel to a magnet. I have never seen a child that wasn’t, and I have been playing music for many years. When they come into a place that has live music, they can’t take their eyes off the musicians. They want to get closer and see how the magic is made. I still feel the pull of live music too, whenever I see live music and real musicians. Like the children, I still think there is something magical happening, and I want to check it out. The pied piper could have led me anywhere.

About Scott

The founding member of Terra Cotta Music, Scott is a guitarist, composer, educator, writer, and avid hiker. His love for the outdoors, especially the beautiful trails of Sedona, Arizona has been a great source of creative inspiration. He believes that a close connection to nature brings comfort to our souls and spirits, and tries to capture and reflect that in his music and in this blog. You can email him at scott@terracottamusic.com.
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