Wednesday Waterfowl of the Week–The Wiley Nene

Photo courtesy of Brenda Zaun

After looking at fossil evidence, biologists have hypothesized that a flock of geese came to the Hawaiian Islands around 500,000 years ago and settled in. Today, the Nene is the state bird of Hawaii. It is also the rarest goose in the world, with a total population of about two thousand. In the 1950’s, they were down to less than 30. Thanks to captive breeding programs and reintroduction to the wild, you may see them out for a walk on the golf course, or crossing the street in front of you.

Their nearest relatives are the Canada Geese, as you can probably tell by their appearance. Unlike their cousins, however, Nenes are non-migratory, and don’t spend a lot of time in the water. They feed on seeds, berries and vegetation that is found on land. When you discover paradise, you settle in and stop roaming around. How silly is that?

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